IT strategy

Strategi Consulting helps clients ensure that their technology not only supports their business, but improves it.  Just as other areas of the business have strategic plans, we believe an organization’s IT can be leveraged to create a competitive advantage by reducing cost, streamlining processes, and managing risk.  Strategi Consulting’s IT strategy, transformation planning, IT governance, and portfolio management consulting services help clients formulate actionable strategies that help them to transform their business.

IT Strategy & Transformation Planning

Strategi Consulting helps clients develop a consistent technology modernization approach.  Our IT Strategy consulting services can help clients:
  • Formulate plans and policies for how the organization will leverage technology to achieve its mission
  • Ensure priority areas are positioned for success and supported by the right technology
  • Orchestrate information sharing and collaboration within the organization and its partners

IT Governance

Strategi Consulting helps clients establish IT Governance processes that work.  Establishing effective IT Governance enables clients to:
  • Increase transparency in the procurement processes, eliminating siloed investments
  • Identify common technology standards, reducing licensing costs and overhead associated with developing and maintaining multiple environments

Portfolio Management

Strategi Consulting helps clients approach IT investments from a holistic perspective.  Our Portfolio Management services can help clients:
  • Identify redundant systems and opportunities for collaboration and reuse
  • Find the optimal balance between IT resource demands and budget constraints by prioritizing investments
  • Identify performing initiatives and address unmet expectations
  •  Shift dollars from legacy maintenance activities to value-add investments