data management

Strategi Consulting offers a suite of advanced data management capabilities that enable rapid aggregation, management, visualization, and analysis of large volumes of complex data which empowers clients to make informed decisions.  On a regular basis, organizations handle diverse sets of data from disparate sources, all being produced and distributed in real-time.  It can be daunting to not only manage all of this data but also to determine how to effectively analyze it.   Strategi Consulting uses proven tools and techniques to manage enterprise data and bring meaning to this wealth of data, thereby enabling strategic decision-making and actionable insight.

Master Data Management

Strategi Consulting partners with your organization and technology vendors to develop strategies to manage your organization’s data assets across critical domains. Our experienced staff will assess your organization’s master data management capabilities, develop roadmaps, create transition plans and implement technical solutions as well as governance policies, processes and workflows to establish a robust master data management capability that provides for:

  • Data Governance: establishing policies, processes and roles for managing and changing master data, and integrating them with organizations’ existing IT Governance and change management practices
  • Data Stewardship: establishing authoritative owners of master data and their roles in managing it
  • Quality Assurance: identifying and resolving data inaccuracies, inconsistencies and redundancies in a timely fashion
  • Data Integration: consuming data from disparate sources by any means of exchange to create a single source of truth or “golden record” for master data

Our capabilities include but are not limited to data governance, data modeling, data quality assurance, implementation planning and systems integration.

Data Analytics and Visualization

Through in-depth and comprehensive analytics, Strategi Consulting delivers advanced visualizations that provide:

  • A clear, comprehensive understanding of an organization’s data assets and information landscape
  • Effective presentation of key performance indicators and business metrics that support strategic business goals and objectives
  • The ability to perform predictive modeling and forecasting

Big Data

Strategi Consulting’s ability to harness information from rapidly growing, expansive, and multi structured data ensures the delivery of timely and perceptive analysis.

Our Big Data capability allows for:

  • Better understanding of consumers, products, risks, and opportunities
  • The discovery of new revenue streams or cost-savings
  • On-demand analysis tailored to your needs